Zippo Cigarette Lighters

zippo logoIf you are going to smoke, you may as well do so in style with Zippo Cigarette Lighters. The best route to take in this case is through Zippo cigarette lighters. Zippo lighters are effective in all scenarios, and are as convenient as they are durable. While they can occasionally be somewhat expensive, Zippo lighters are a solid investment. The advantages to a Zippo far out weigh disposable lighters, which is one of the main reasons many people have purchased or are trying to purchase these incredible pieces of flammable technology. Unfortunately, shopping around for a Zippo can sometimes be difficult. Thankfully you will not have to continue to sift through websites, gas stations, or chain stores in order to find the lighter that you wish to purchase. We have direct access to all of the best Zippo Lighters, and we are sure that you will invariably find the one that suits your style and needs. Zippo Hand Warmers are also available, though not as common of a product as the lighters that Zippo sells.

Sports Branded Zippos

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Why Use Zippo Cigarette Lighters

zippo fluidWhether you are buying your Zippo Cigarette Lighters for yourself or as a gift for someone else, you can be assured that these lighters are not only of the highest quality, but also a gift that will last a life time. Since the zippo brand of lighters are all crafted with the highest quality of materials, you should never have to worry about the product breaking. You will have to occasionally perform maintenance with Zippo Replacement Parts, but these come relatively inexpensively. Any smoker is familiar with stolen lighters, but with Zippo Lighters you will never have to concern yourself with the possibility of a forgetful friend or malicious acquaintance obsconding with your lighter. Zippo Lighters can also be passed down over the years, making for an excellent family heirloom. These lighters are also resistent to wind, due to their ingenious design, granting smokers the ability light their smokes in even the harshest of conditions.

Traditional, disposable lighters are the way of the past, and over a life time can cost thousands of dollars. Buying one Zippo Windproof Cigarette Lighter will cost you $20 or more, though buying fifty disposable lighters of the course of the year could cost you more than three times that. Zippo Lighters are an economical, long lasting alternative to disposable lighters and will serve their purpose for years to come.

Different Zippo Cigarette Lighter Types

zippo multi purpose lighterDue to their success as a product, Zippo lighters come in many variations. Since there are many Types Of Zippo Lighters, choosing the one that is right for you may be somewhat difficult. Zippo Windproof Lighters are the basic type of lighter. These are the standard, rectangular flip top lighter that many Zippo enthusiests already own. Zippo MPLs, or Zippo Multi Purpose Lighters, are also available. Since standard Zippos are sometimes incapable of performing such tasks such as pipe smoking or starting a campfire, the Zippo Multi-Purpose Lighters are excellent for both applications. Whether you prefer pipe tobacco, wish to light a grill, or a similar task that would require you to tilt your lighter to the side or insert it into hole, then the MPLs are the choice you should take. They are an investment that can really pay off at the grill or starting a campfire.

Choosing The Correct Zippo Lighter

zippo lighterWith as many options as there are, choosing the right Zippo Lighters can be difficult. We have done our best to find all of the best Zippos, so you should have no issues finding one that fits your needs and wants alike.

Rather than sift through the products through similar, albeit convoluted sites, we have each of Zippo Cigarette Lighters readily available through our listings. We break down Zippos into each category they fit with the style or theme it pertains to. With literally hundreds of options to choose from, you may not be able to locate the lighter of your choice. Any Zippo owner, past, present, or future, will enjoy each of the high quality products we have at your disposal.

Styles Of Zippo Cigarette Lighters

usa flag zippoNo matter what you're style, there is a Zippo Cigarette Lighter for you. Stainless Steel, Brushed, Chrome, Brass, and Painted are among the finishes available for your Zippo.

In addition to those, there are also themed Zippos that fit your style and likings. Among them are Harley Davidson Zippos, Armed Forces Zippos, Liquor Zippos / Beer Zippos, National Flag Zippos, and more.

Zippos can even be personalized for that someone who is special in your life. Combined engraving with a favorite sports team and that person will truly know that you thought about them.

Zippo Hand Warmers

zippo hand warmerMost people who know Zippo and even own one of their fine lighters don't know about Zippo Hand Warmers. These beauties allow users to keep their hands warm in the most frigid of places. There are many uses for the hand warmers such as at sporting events, camping, hunting, and other winter activities. If you've ever tried to do something with cold hands or have felt the ache before, you will truly cherish this product from the makers of Zippo Cigarette Lighters.

Sports Themed Zippo Lighters

In addition to all the themed Zippos above, you are sure to find a ton of different sports related Zippos. What better way to keep your team on your mind, while showing your support than with a Sports Zippo Cigarette Lighter? Find your favorite teams from the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, NASCAR, and the NCAA. There are no shortage of sports themed Zippo lighters.

NFL Zippo Cigarette Lighters

nfl-logoFrom the lineup of sports themed Zippos comes the most popular, NFL Zippo Lighters. The 32 teams from the National Football League are well represented on Zippo Lighters. If you're as passionate about your NFL teams as they are then you should definitely have your own NFL Zippo.

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NBA Zippo Cigarette Lighters

If you're rabid about the roundball, NBA Zippo Lighters are surely going to appeal to you. Every team from the Eastern Conference to the Western Conference is represented on Zippos. This is the perfect opportunity to tell those around you who you go for and who is going to win the next NBA Championship.

MLB Zippo Cigarette Lighters

mlb-logo1While not as old as the MLB, Zippo lighters definitely has their tenure in the business. They've done it by offering consumers their choice of sports lighters and that includes MLB Zippo Lighters. No matter if your team is in the National League or the American League, Zippo has your team lighter. Find it here and represent your favorite team.

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NHL Zippo Cigarette Lighters

While a Zippo is pretty rugged, it should never be used as a hockey puck. With that said, a Zippo is still a great way to represent for NHL fans. With NHL Zippo Lighters you can always carry around your favorite team on a fine cigarette lighter. Anytime you use your lighter you will display your team proudly and be reminded of which NHL team holds your allegance.

NCAA Sports Zippo Lighters

alabama crimson tide zippoAmong the most passionate fans in sports are those of collegiate athletics which is why it wouldn't make a bit of sense not to include NCAA Sports Zippo Lighters in the collect of sports themed lighters. While not every school is represented on Zippo Lighters, you will find the major institutions available. Sometimes in rare cases, Zippo releases new lighters for schools, so be sure to check back.